Single Screw Tensile Machine

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Single Screw Tensile Machine

Single Screw Tensile Machine

To express the maximum force the film can withstand when it is pulled (tensile strength) and the amount it stretches (tensile elongation).

The peel adhesion test is used to determine the force required to de-bond two components joined by an adhesive. The test result, also known as bond strength, is generally represented as N (force to de-bond) / 25mm or 50mm (depending on specimen). Angle 180 degree and 90 Degree.

The seal or bond strength testing determines the mechanical strength, force, or stress required to break a bond /seal.

Specification:Load Frame a) Tabletop model with single test area, max. capacity 5kN

b) Dual column design with low-backlash Lead screws

c) Precise AC motor                                

d) Adjustable limit switches

e) Emergency stop on the load frame

f) In-built digital controller

g) High frame stiffness preferred (50 KN/mm or better)

h) Data acquisition at PC: 100 kHz or better

i) crosshead travel-(no grips): 900mm or better

j) Horizontal opening: 450 mm or better

k) Test speed range: 0.5 to 500 mm/min or better

I) Jog speed range: 0.5 to 500 mm/min or better

m) Return speed range: 0.5 to 500 mm/min or better

n) Speed resolution: 0.5mm/min

o) Speed accuracy: ±0.5% of set speed or better

p) Automatic motor drive alarm system to monitor over/under

voltage, current and temperature

q) Power requirement: 220-240V/50Hz, single phase


 Data Acuisition System and Software: a) Latest control, acquisition and analysis software with

following features:

i. Compatibility with latest computer technology

ii. Real-time display of data and curves

iii. Data regeneration mode to recalculate missing or all Results

iv. Automatic Report generation for every test

v. Multiple graphs like Stress Vs. Strain, Force Vs. Time, Stress Vs.

Time, Load Vs Time etc. on single screen and single report

vi. In-built results like tensile strength, tensile strength at Modulud 100% elongation at break  etc

vii. Multi-segment programmable tests

viii. Recall mode to see historic data

ix. Auto and manual data backup to secure location

x. Free software upgrades for 5 years

xi. Cross-check functionality to setup test methods correctly

xii. In-built tutorials and user manual

Load and Elongation Measurment: a) Load measurement: interchangeable strain-gage type load cells

of 5kN and SOON capacity — 01 each

i. Auto identification, scaling and calibration

ii. Measurement range: 2% to 100% of the capacity

iii. Accuracy: :=E 0.5% of applied force

iv. Resolution: 0.1% of the capacity

v. Mechanical overload protection: 150% or better

vi. Digital load tare: 20% or better maintaining full load cell


b) Elongation measurement: Optical encoder

i. Accuracy: 0.01mm or better

ii. Resolution: 0.01mm or better

Grips: a) Set of Double Roller grips - 1kN or Higher Capacity( Including Easy changeability of grips 25 mm wide, suitable for 0.1 TO 8.00MM Specimen Thickness)

Accessories: Communication cable 5mter , Software, Grips 1 set,Mannual, 4 legs, 25x150MM Template for sample cutting.


Warranty: 1 year warranty.