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Are you looking for Dart Impact Tester Manufacture in Navi Mumbai? You have arrived at the right place. We are the best Dart Impact Tester Apparatus Manufacturer and Supplier in Navi Mumbai, India.

Product Specification

Dart 2 nos. 50 g and 300g: As Per Standards Method A & B.
Mechanism: Electromagnetic(Actuator).
Maintenance: Maintenance-free, simple and accurate working.
Vacuum Gauge and Digital Counter: Available.
Vacuum Creation: Single-Stage Oil Vacuum Pump.
Paint: Powder Coated.
Power Supply: 220/230 V, 50Hz.

Product Description

The dart drop test, also known as the falling dart impact test or the free falling dart method, is a standard technique for determining a polymer film's impact strength or toughness. A dart with a variable weight descends from a set height on a crease-free and fixed film. For stiffness, we make our product with premium raw materials. Ideal Lab dart Impact Tester is reliable and easy to use. It also has a Strong base plate with a rugged structure and adjustable drop height clamp.

Accessories With Machine:

Vaccum Pump, Plumb Line, Test Weight (27nos.), dart 50g, 300g For Method A & B.

Unique Features:

This Machine Is Very Sophisticated And Easy To Operate; the Counter Should Be Count Nos. Of Sample Tested. Electromechanical System For Dart Holding And Push Button For Releasing Dart.

Certification: Calibration Certificate With Nabl Traceability For 1 Year.

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty.


  • Built On A Rigid Metallic Base.
  • Strong Magnetic Field Dart Holder.
  • A Dart Is Released When The Button Is Pressed.
  • Height Measurement That Is Dependable, Rapid, And Accurate.
  • Magnets Power The Dart Release And Hold Mechanism.
  • Clamp With Customizable Drop Height.
  • The Number Of Falls During A Single Test Operation Is Counted Using The Built-In Digital Counter.
  • Zero Slippage Devices With A Circular Annulus.
  • A Mechanism To Prevent The Dart From Escaping After It Bounces Off The Sample.
  • A Strong Foundation Plate And Durable Structure.
  • Collar With Adjustable Height Shield For Clamping.


Testing of films and foils, plastics, and packages.


Flexible Packaging and Films, Other, Plastics and Resins.

Note: Ideal Lab is the finest Dart Impact Tester Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai. We offer Dart Impact Testers to our clients at a lower price.

What is Dart Impact Tester?

A laboratory testing device called a dart impact tester, sometimes known as a dart drop tester, is used to assess the impact resistance of plastic films, coated paper, and composite sheets. The dart weight denotes the power needed to tear or pierce the test sample. This method is also known as the Free Falling Dart Impact test.

ILE Stantest provides quality assurance for the Drop-Dart Impact Tester. This ILE testing tool assists in calculating the energy produced when a free-falling dart strikes thin materials like plastic film, paper, etc.

How does it work?

A sample clamp is employed in this test technique for the specimen's easy grip and security. It facilitates functioning. Furthermore, the Dart Impact Tester has a dual clamping process for improved performance. Low pressure is used in the initial phase to clamp the sample safely.

A Dart Impact Tester's Advantages

The dart impact tester measured the impact of a dart falling freely on a plastic film. Certain circumstances result in the film failing due to the energy of the dart falling. A strong electromagnetic dart holding holds the dart's hemispherical head. When a button is pressed, the dart is freed from the holder. It is used to perform dropping tests from different heights.

Plastic film manufacturers frequently use the Dart Impact Tester to evaluate their plastic films' durability and associated products' durability and strength.

The Dart Impact Tester is built on a strong metallic frame. Assessing the polyethylene films' impact resistance and failure load is highly recommended under specific circumstances.

Plastic film manufacturers frequently use the Dart Impact Tester to evaluate the strength and durability of their plastic films, flexible films, sheets, and related commodities. The test requirements A and B are employed.

The equipment is finished in a combination of autumn grey and blue, and its chrome/zinc plating ensures corrosion resistance. A wiring diagram, a calibration certificate, and a user manual are included with the device.

Why Is Dart Impact Tester Important For The Plastic Packaging Film Industry?

Plastic packaging film is used in various packaging industries because of its strength, stretchability, and increased impact resistance. They endure a lot of wear and tear because they are frequently used in various sectors to wrap fragile goods and daily life. The films must possess sufficient durability to sustain a sudden impact without breaking or cracking. The most concerning situation that plastic film manufacturers confront is a vertical free fall of load carried by the plastic film. This kind of arrangement increases the risk of film rupture and destroyed goods.

We can avoid product failure by executing standard-based quality checks. The user must complete the Falling Dart Impact Test to determine the impact resistance strength.

It is a well-known and time-tested method for determining plastic packing film's impact or resistance strength. The specimen films are stretched and clamped on a holder, and a defined weighted dart is dropped freely from a defined height on top of them. The test can then be repeated numerous times on different parameters to evaluate the performance quality of the specimen film.

The Dart Impact Tester performs the test with a single dart arrangement. It is well-built equipment that meets international testing standards. It ensures that the findings of the tests are acknowledged globally and across industries. The specimen holding clamps are adjustable, allowing for testing a wide range of specimens. According to test requirements, the dart has a specific weight. The dart holder operates via a pneumatically controlled electromagnetic technology. During the test, it provides for a firm grip on the dart and a quick release. The fall height is adjustable as per your requirements. A computerized counter records the counties of tests done. The evaluation reports are utilized to understand either quality control or final comparisons.

Immersive Technical Features of the ILE Dart Impact Tester

  • The company has extensive experience producing testing instruments. As a result, it understands the requirements of various testing equipment. As a result, the company created the following complex technical qualities to match the demand for the dart Impact test.
  • Simple to use operating system with manual assistance.
  • Clamps that may be extended and are portable.
  • Based on the customer's requirements, customized products and weights are available.
  • Cost-effective and reasonable.