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Are you looking for Carbon Black Content Tester (CBC Tester) Manufacture in Navi Mumbai? You have arrived at the right place. We are the best Carbon Black Content Tester Apparatus Manufacturer and Supplier in Navi Mumbai, India.

Product Specification

Input: 220 +/- 10 V, 50 Hz, 1 PH. Supply.
Power: 2KW, Average Heating Time for 800 C: 20 - 25 Minute.
Temp. Controller: Digital Microprocessor Based PID Controller.Bright LED Display, Easy to Reprogrammed By 4 Panel Key on front.
Apparatus Operating Temperature: (Room Temperature to 1100 C).
Sensor: K - Type Temp. Sensor.
Temp. Measuring Accuracy: +/-1 C, Temp. Measuring Range Upto 1500 C.

As per ASTM and Other International Standards

These instruments assist in determining the percentage of carbon accessible in polymers. The % Carbon need varies by product and industry, such as Part Manufacturer/Pipe Manufacturer, etc.

Product Description

The ILE carbon black content tester is created with various features and new ideas. The apparatus complies with the most frequently followed regional, national, and global norms, including BIS, ISO, ASTM, and others.

The Carbon Black Content Machine is equipment for figuring out how much carbon black is in products made of polyethylene and polypropylene. The test is only applicable to samples that contain free carbon. When contrasting the weight of the residual sample before and after treatment in the device, one can measure the concentration of carbon black in specimens using standards. ILE Carbon Black Content Apparatus is developed to determine the carbon black content of polymers by ASTM D-1603-14, IS 4984 and IS 2530 standards.

The ILE Carbon Black Content Machine is made of a mild steel tubular furnace. The heaters low operating wattage ensures that the furnace lasts long. It is outfitted with an imported programmed P.I.D. controller to control the temperature properly. A nitrogen flow meter and an entire set of glass components are included with the ILE Carbon Black Content Apparatus. There are also two separate flasks for holding solid ice, and the primary combustion tube that comes with the equipment is made of Quartz glass. When opposed to toughened glass, quartz glass can sustain substantially higher temperatures.


N2 Gas Rotameter For Controlling Nitrogen Gas In Heating Chamber For Testing. Operating Range (0.0 To 3.0) Lpm.

Dual Guage N2 Gas Regulator Suitable To Measure Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Pressure And Outlet Gas Flow Pressure.

400x30 Mm Quartz Glass High Temp. Test Tube Withstand Upto 1400 C And Quartz Glass Boat For Sample Testing And Complete Accessories.

PID Controller Operating User Manual.

Apparatus User Manual And Installation Procedure.

Panel Wiring Diagram.

Certification: 1 Year Valid Temp. Calibration Certificate With National Accreditation Board For Testing And Calibration Laboratories (Nabl) Traceability

Warranty: 1-year warranty.

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  • Accurate Results.
  • Compact Design.
  • Ease Of Operation.
  • Two Distinct Glass Flasks Are Included.
  • The Machine Has A Programmed P.I.D. Temperature Controller.
  • The Machine Is Made Of Quartz Glass, Which Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures.
  • The Machines Heater Has A Relatively Low Operating Voltage, Which Ensures The Furnaces Longevity.
  • Standards: ASTM D-1603 -14, IS 4984, and IS 2530.


A carbon black content test, according to IS 2530, is used to determine the proportion of carbon in plastic material. This testing method measures materials specific carbon black content, including water tanks, cables, films, plastic pipes, sheets, etc.

Carbon black is a UV stabilizer in plastic to prevent plastic degradation caused by UV light.

The ash content of plastic materials is also evaluated with this instrument.