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Are you looking for Carbon Black Dispersion Tester Manufacturer in Navi Mumbai? You have arrived at the right location. We are the best Carbon Black Dispersion Tester Apparatus Manufacturer and Supplier in Navi Mumbai, India.

Product Specification

Power Input: 230v, 50 Hz, 1 Phase
Microscope: 100x And 200x , 450x Magnification, 6 Inch Display Or Dhoom, 8 Inch Hot Plate With Temp. Settable Thermostat Knob (0 – 250) Centigrade.

Product Description

The main purpose of the Carbon Black Dispersion Testing Machine is to evaluate carbon black's dispersion. It is generally utilized in the plastics sector. T.A. heated plate for sample placement is included in the apparatus.

The temperature is also set to be anything from the surrounding air to 200 degrees Celsius. The Carbon Black Dispersion Test Apparatus includes a 6-inch microscope with magnifications of 100X and 450X. The instrument is constructed in line with IS 4984 and IS 4985 requirements.

Accessories: Glass Slide, Tweezer

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty.


  • The sample fits comfortably on the hot plate.
  • A high-quality microscope has magnifications of 100X and 450X.
  • The temperature can be changed as needed.
  • The hot plate keeps the S.S. cast plate in place for better heat dispersion to maintain the glass slides' thermal equilibrium.
  • The tongs make moving slides from the hotplate to the microscope a breeze.
  • Simple experimental setup.
  • Provide vital chemicals and useful tools for operator comfort.
  • Standards: IS 4984, IS 4985.

Unique Feature: It Is A Very Simple And Sophisticated Polymer Instrument.


The Carbon Black Dispersion Tester measures the average carbon black dispersion in materials such as films, plastic pipes, cables, and sheets.

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What is the Carbon Black Dispersion test?

Dispersion is scattering mass from highly concentrated to low concentrated regions of a substance. Achieving appropriate dispersion entails delivering enough energy to overcome attraction forces between particles while investing little energy into the process.

Dispersion is the most specific factor that explains the viscoelastic property of plastics. Industries have developed services to test these plastic properties in the polymer sector. As a result, obtaining the dispersion matter of particulate particles, particularly carbon black dispersion, is a critical feature for producers in the Plastics business. Using a carbon black dispersion test instrument may be done correctly and efficiently.

Carbon Black Dispersion Testing Equipment Applications

A good dispersion can have significant effects. Dispersion is necessary to obtain the ideal aesthetic appeal, such as a consistent color. Others consider it essential for good dispersion to increase the functionality of end products such as plastics and UV-resistant plastics. A considerable important factor in resolving the expense of the addition is dispersion.

Carbon Black Dispersion Test Equipment is the best approach to measure plastics' carbon black dispersion property. The equipment is commonly used in plastic industry laboratories to test the dispersion property of carbon black. The product's black carbon content is continuously monitored since it aids in defining uniform, background-free white lines and counts the number of agglomerates in the sample.

Various reputable testing equipment manufacturers provide high-quality Carbon Black Dispersion Test Apparatus. But we provide Top-Quality Carbon Black Dispersion Tester to our consumers at an affordable price. Our machine is built with an 8-inch-diameter hot plate, and the device's temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 200 degrees Celsius. It also comes with a microscope and a 6-inch screen with magnification capabilities of 100X and 450X. The microscope's magnification range complies with IS 4984 and IS 4985 standards.

The product's carbon black dispersion content, employed during manufacturing, is assessed using the testing tool. The equipment comes with all the necessary accessories, such as a slide box, projection microscope, hot plate, and other associated apparatus for handling the accessories.