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Pipe Burst Tester

Pipe Burst Tester


The  Pipe Burst Tester tests pipe, tube and hose from 1/8" to 12.0", measuring burst pressure up to 3000 psi. Custom burst pipe testers can measure higher pressures and larger diameter samples.
The  Pipe Burst Tester is unique, with a push-button, dial-in control panel and a dedicated microprocessor controller designed specifically for testing pipe, tube and hose.

Built into the Pipe Burst Tester’s main console are three software programs.

  • A rapid-burst test shows a realtime curve of increasing pressure until the sample fails.
  • A pass-fail test ramps pressure up to a pre-defined point, then releases the pressure.
  • A load-and-hold test ramps pressure to a specified number, then holds it at that pressure for a time period set by the operator

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